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Weekend Special: Spoon Sports!

August 19, 2016 2 min read

Weekend Special! If you remember a few weeks back we launched our "Weekend Special" campaign with our Shifter X Shift Knob combo deal. Well, if you missed it, these are going to be flash sales that we run for one weekend and one weekend only. They'll be announced on our site, blog and social media accounts on Friday at the beginning of a weekend and will run through Monday night (Monday so anyone with questions etc doesn't have to miss out). We'll be running Weekend Special randomly every few weeks so make sure to check in on our site or IG every Friday evening so you don't miss out. The best part is that they are actually sales on good stuff. The catch is that they will be completely different every time we run one, so once a deal is gone, its gone. Make sure to jump on them when they're here! These deals are kind of our way of saying thank you to the guys who frequent our site and check in to our social media accounts regularly, so thanks guys!

Since this is still a new campaign for us we want to really kick off hard and how better to do it than by offering 10% off all Spoon Sports products for a weekend! This will likely be the only time we offer Spoon Sports as a Weekend Deal so if you need something or know someone who does make sure to jump on it now! When checking out with a Spoon product use code "suzukaspoon" to get the 10% off. If you have any questions or trouble checking out make sure to get to us ON MONDAY to get the tail end of the deal. Because after Monday it gone.

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