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Attack Motorsport Build: 2020 Toyota Supra A90

The 2020 Toyota "A90" Supra GR.

We have ambitious goals with this car. We currently hold several track records in California and we are planning to take more records across the country later this year. The project is in development phase right now with a slew of upgrades coming. We just partnered with JRZ and added their first set of RS PRO2 Coilovers. We've also partnered with INGS Japan and are currently fitting and painting their aero package. Next we will be adding power and other goodies that we'll post about when we get there.

2022 Update: Phase 1 of this project is closed. Phase 2 will begin shortly. Feel free to read below for Phase 1 details, but check-in in a few months to watch Phase 2 begin! 



Current Track Lap Times

Buttonwillow CW13 - 1:50
Chuckwalla Raceway CW - TBD
Chuckwalla Raceway CCW - TBD
WSIR: Big Willow - TBD
WSIR: Streets of Willow CW - TBD
WSIR: Streets of Willow CCW - TBD



  • Turbocharged B58 3.0L inline six engine
  • Tuned on ECUTEK by CSG, E85 fuel
  • Flex fuel kit

    Body & Aero

    • INGS +1 aero body kit
    • RS Future front splitter w/3D endplates
    • Voltex Type 10 swan neck GT wing w/custom chassis mounted base mounts

      Suspension & Wheel

      • JRZ RS Pro coilovers
      • Cusco adjustable upper top mounts
      • Endless brake pads
      • Yokohama A052 tires 

      Interior & Safety

      • Cusco 5 point race harnesses
      • Cusco tow hook set
      • Bride bucket seats