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Nemos Garage Missile EG Update Part 1

March 15, 2016 2 min read

We left off in the introduction with the Missile EG having just popped a head gasket at the last round of VTEC Club at the end of 2015. We had a bit of spare time this weekend so we turned the '80s jams on, made sure coffee was within arm's reach and proceeded to pull the head off the B18C. 

As we checked for straightness, it became apparent that the head would need to go to the machine shop- nothing catastrophic, but there was definitely some light visible between the surface and the straightedge - requiring it to be resurfaced As ideas rushed to our heads, full lists of "might as well" came through like the computer displays in the Matrix just behind our eyes. We took a few deep breaths, said "missile" aloud ten times and recovered from the momentary lapse of judgement, it was decided then that machine work would be limited to a radius valve job and milling the least possible amount off the head.  

we shifted our focus to the block - there was a bit of gunk buildup in the coolant passages from oil having entered, reminiscent of beef stew that had been left on the kitchen counter overnight, also coating the cylinder walls of #2 and #3 was the most disgusting cocktail of oil and water we had seen, but that wasn't the worst part of it. Once we wiped off the lard, we uncovered some light scoring on two cylinder walls.

 Definitely a bummer, as this meant we would have to have the block (maybe) bored and (definitely) honed, which meant pulling the engine and transmission out for the fourth time! 

Ten minutes later...

Just kidding, not exactly ten minutes - but once everything has been loosened for the first time, subsequent engine removals become a breeze. Looks like we will be tearing the bottom end apart this week, sending the block and head to the machine shop and reassembling once again with a couple (just a few - I swear) fun new parts. Stay tuned!

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