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Deposit Program

Here at Art of Attack, we are founded on the belief that there is nothing wrong with eating, sleeping, and breathing anything related to motorsport culture. Our passion for this has over 15+ years of combined experience in researching anything involving Japanese and European imports. Whether it is helping you understand exactly what you are shopping for or helping you find those obscure, hard to come by pieces, we are committed to doing what we can to help those around us love and enjoy this tradition in the same way we do.

With that said, we realize that our website cannot hold every niche item you may be after, so we just wanted to make a Public Service Announcement to state the following:

If there is anything you are looking for that you may not find on our web store, we are only a call, email, or direct message away from helping you get those goods you can't find anywhere else. It is impossible to build a web store that has everything for everyone, but we are committed to giving the best experience we can. If you ever find an item that you have not seen on our site or a brand that we may not list, you always have the option to contact us for help. We love these searches as the more obscure the item is, the more interesting it proves to be. With that said, you can always contact us here and we can help you find those items or brands you are after using the following:

Phone: 909-527-3020

Email: sales@art-of-attack.com

Instagram: @artofattack

Facebook: facebook.com/artofattackraceparts 

Aside from this, most Japanese items we deal with can be offered on a Deposit Plan. You can inquire using the method above for that item you may be after and see if a Deposit Plan can apply for your order. You may be asking why would a Deposit Plan be beneficial, and allow us to explain:

- We understand that these goods are expensive, and we would be lying if we told you everything we sell is something we ourselves always have the money ready to purchase for our personal builds. This hobby can add up monetarily and we know exactly how you feel. And it may not always be easy to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars up front, especially when we won't see the product for a couple weeks or months. This leads us to our second reason.

- We know these items can take some time. In an ideal world, teleportation would exist and we could teleport these items from Japan to America in the blink of an eye. But because we do not live in the future (Yet), these items have to come over on ocean containers from Japan to America. This process usually takes 3-4 weeks alone as the item has to go from your favorite Japanese manufacturer to the port then onto the container where it will spend a couple weeks at sea. Because most special order items take 6 weeks or longer, we rather give you a little time to put something down as collateral to get your order started and to give you some time to find the rest of the money so you are not put into a financial burden.

- Another reason for us to take a deposit is We want to build trust with our clientele. Sure, there are thousands of people we have been dealing with for years who already maintain a positive trust with us, but we want all new customers to know that we can be trusted to provide you with exactly what you're looking for. We have heard tons of horror stories from others, and we do not want to subject anyone to that kind of treatment. If giving us a deposit for an item makes you more comfortable than paying it all up front, we want you to know we support your decision and can help you out with that on most Japanese goods we import.

To inquire about a deposit plan and see if it can help you in getting the items you're hunting for, feel free to inquire above so we can make a custom invoice to get you taken care of with the best deposit plan we can offer and an ETA for when you would see what you're looking to get.

Deposit Details

  • A non-refundable 25% deposit down for most special order items.
    Some brands (depending on the item) may require a larger percentage (50%) down. If you would like to put more than 25% down that is totally fine.
  • No refunds eh? Yes and no.
    If you put more than 25% down and decide at some point you want to cancel the order, we will only refund you the difference of 25% and your larger down payment. Why is that? Unfortunately, some of these special order items are unique and don't sell very often or quickly, thus leaving us stuck with said item. This is why the 25% down is kept as a restocking fee in the event of an order cancellation.
  • Once the item arrives we will invoice you for the remaining 75% balance  due along with shipping costs.
  • We offer a 60-day grace paying period.
  • Incremental payments are accepted but should be in substantial amounts. For instance, incremental payment amounts in $50, $75, $100, or more. 
  • Special order items can take anywhere from 3-months to 1-year. This is partly due to the effect COVID has had on the world supply chain and many things can also be on back order in Japan. There can also be unforeseen circumstances that arise as well. It typically takes 2-3 months to bring items from Japan to our ports. If the items are not in stock in Japan, there might be a back order with their manufacturers thus extending production and wait times. Also, some of these amazing Japanese companies are small shops and their products are hand-crafted and take time to build.