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Eibach Summer Nights Coverage, 9/10/16

September 16, 2016 6 min read

All photos appear courtesy of Misael Munguia of Nemo’s Garage.

     With it having been around 7 years since an Eibach Summer Nights meet has been held, it was a refreshing change of pace to see the meet make a comeback. Though it is just a continuation of last years “West Coast Collective” meet that had its inaugural event, it seemed to generate a lot more hype this year due to it being an Eibach meet held at the Eibach facility. Talk to nearly any Honda enthusiast who can remember the days when the Eibach meet was still held at the facility and they will go on for days about all the memories from the meet being held at Eibach itself. It isn’t to say that the new age Eibach pales in comparison, but there is just something about being at the facility that makes it feel so much sweeter. But with it’s popularity and the growth of Honda modification as a whole, expansion was eminent and a requirement to make sure that everyone could enjoy the meet equally.

     Lost in this expansion, though, was the summer nights meet. Always a great meet that gave nice closure to the summer time car season, it’s definitely something the Honda community has missed over the years. And overwhelmingly, the new age Eibach Summer Nights meet garnered quite a buzz. So much so that it brought many quality Hondas out, from every crevice of California to as far away as Connecticut (I don’t recall exactly who it was, but one of the ITR owners drove all the way from Connecticut for this meet. Insane). Not only that, but the meet played host to what you could say was the west coast version of the ITR Expo. Nearly 50 (maybe more?) Integra Type R’s showed up in what was quite an interesting showcase of these cars. Their value has shot up so rapidly over the years and it was crazy to see so many well preserved examples of a timeless chassis on display.

     We brought our booth out and were fortunate to speak to tons of people that day. We greatly  appreciate everyone that stopped by and chatted with us, as it’s always nice to meet the enthusiasts behind the web orders and we appreciate your love and support. We are doing our best to stay active at all events, so it’s always a nice change of pace to be stuck behind the booth at a great venue as opposed to stuck behind a computer inside (Though the air conditioning is a nice perk, haha). But without further ado, here is our coverage for the Eibach Summer Nights meet.

One of the cars we were really excited to see was Louie Arias’s beautiful EK hatch. Louie called us randomly one day to look for a spot that could paint and work with his J’s EK fenders and we have become friends ever since. Louie said this car has been down for quite a few years due to some imperfections he wasn’t proud of, but he has recently found the drive to get the EK back out there. We have helped him acquire quite a few pieces ,from Wilwood DPHA calipers to a full MPC hardware set for his engine bay.

Featuring quite an eclectic mix of parts with Seeker V2 wing, Sergeant rear diffuser, Jblood front bumper, Shift Sports hood, and some side skirts on the way, Louie’s car combines great offerings from many famous Honda Japanese race shops and makes them look like they go together perfectly.

Areen and Tommy from Go Tuning Unlimited also brought out their immaculate S2000’s. Areen’s featuring a full Spoon theme, while Tommy’s dawns a near full ASM catalogue.

Areen and Tommy's engine bays, respectively. Areen carrying the Spoon theme throughout the engine bay as well, while Tommy has some more miscellaneous offerings from popular Japanese tuning brands like Mugen and J's Racing throughout.

Hector Levario also brought his S2000 out, featuring Voltex front bumper, rear diffuser, and GT wing. Always appreciated how Hector has his car on NT03 wheels as they are a wheel most people don’t think to get when going after a track styled build. They look absolutely great though on his Formula Red S2K though.

Sponsored driver Jonathan Monteith also brought his EG hatch out for the event. Looking great on burning red TE37s and complimented by a nice mix of aero, you can read a bit more about Jon’s car HERE.

DA enthusiasts aren’t as prevalent as they used to be, but Jeff Alaniz is one of the few still out there putting in work on the chassis. Jeff is quite the SSR wheels aficionado and recently step lipped these SSR Bang Vec II’s. I was unsure of how the outcome would look, but they look absolutely great in 16”

Rene Mendez was there with his cream colored EF hatch. Sitting on a set of rare SSR Hiro V1R wheels, his engine bay features a nice tuck and assortment of parts as well.

Beside him was another cream EF9 belonging to Jason Etchison. I love that the EF enthusiasts are bringing turbo wheels back, as Jasons EF featured an extremely rare set of Super Star Air Stage wheels.

Once again making a public, off track appearance after recently appearing at Nisei, Cody brought out his EK civic, adorned in Evangelion itasha livery. Featuring pieces like a Battlecraft hood, Voltex rear spoiler, Bride Maxis III bucket seat,  and more, this EK is extremely menacing.

Barry Ancheta of Stay Classick with his Phoenix Yellow painted EP3. Mugen front lip and grill, as well as rare EP3R lens covers round out the front end.

Anthony Reynoso with his Mugen themed FA5 civic. Definitely a car built with subtle detail throughout, I can’t help but think this is how the older enthusiasts would modify this newer age Honda if they modified the 8th gen.

Miguel’s Integra Type R rocking a timeless look with Regamasters on a well preserved Type R. The engine bay also featured a healthy dose of Spoon Sports goods.

Abe’s white k-swapped ITR is one I can’t recall seeing before, but it truly is a nice overall build. Mugen front bumper and sides, as well as a Mugen gen II spoiler and ITR spec MF10’s. It also featured a k-swapped engine bay that was done pretty well. The purists may not enjoy seeing a k-swapped Type R, but how can you be mad at someone trying to squeeze a bit more power out of their car by opting for the K-swap?

Albert Donkor’s “Cyber EK” civic build arrived a bit late but was there none the less. J’s hood and fenders, C-west styled front bumper with a Mugen styled SS lip molded in, and black TE37s

A shot under the hood of Myke Zambrano’s J’s racing themed S2000. It was interesting seeing this S2000 lineup in particular because you had Tommy’s ASM S2000, Hector’s Voltex S2000, Areen’s Spoon themed S2k, and Myke’s J’s S2000 all next to one another. It showcased just how many styles there are to the chassis and how all of them look impeccable.

DPK Chuy Navarro’s ITR was one of the many lost in the field of Integra Type R’s. Always looking clean on mag blue CE28n

A couple more ITRs of which I am unsure who the owners are. Nothing wrong with a clean B18C engine bay or an Integra with a UKDM front bumper, though.

Jorge Sandoval of NSidius Industries with his ITR he has been building over the past year or so. Jorge recently let go of his immaculate EG hatch to get an ITR and the progress has been nice and steady.  SSR Type C’s, Ganador Super Mirrors, Recaro Tomcat seats, and some other solid modifications for the DC2


Martin Fernandez recently restored this ITR shell over the past couple years. Notice small details like the shaved emblems on front and rear which is a bit interesting since people seem to go crazy for the red clothespin logo.

Overall a successful event. We hope the guys at Eibach decide to once again make this event a yearly thing as it truly was one of the best Honda events we have been to all year.

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