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Attack Motorsport Build: 1996 CTR EK9

Art of Attack Civic R EK9

Our EK9 Civic Type-R is part of our Golden Era 90's Honda weekend track car builds - the other being the Attack DC2 integra. There's a little history behind this CTR. As soon as this EK9 was imported (10+ years ago) it was owned by Frank of JRZ North America and @ryannovak. If you know of them, this car never stood a chance of becoming a prestige show queen. After being tracked for years, sitting for several more years, the paint was thrashed. The original Flamenco Black Pearl is an awesome, subtle, complex color, that just needed to be refreshed. Once we got our hands on it, off the car went to paint. Since it was being repainted, some @jsracingjapan wide fenders were added, a badly warped roof was replaced with a Novak Racing carbon roof and sprayed as well along with the engine bay. The suspension was overhauled with the full PCI catalog and G-Development titanium fasteners throughout. Prop valve hard lines were completely redone in beautiful stainless lines by our friend Zack. With JRZ RS Pro suspension and Volk TE37SL to boot.




Current Track Lap Times

Buttonwillow CW13 - TBD
Chuckwalla Raceway CW - TBD
Chuckwalla Raceway CCW - TBD
WSIR: Big Willow - TBD
WSIR: Streets of Willow CW - TBD
WSIR: Streets of Willow CCW - TBD



  • 1996 EK9 Civic Type R
  • K20A DC5 Type R engine & trans
  • Toda ITB's
  • AEM infinity engine management
  • Hytech header
  • Koyo radiator
  • OS Giken LSD
  • Tractuff water neck w/filler
  • HKS oil cooler
  • Custom 3" exhaust mated to Rcrew muffler
  • Custom prop valve hardlines by Zach

    Body & Aero

    • J's Racing carbon vented hood
    • J's Racing wide fenders
    • J's Racing 3D GT wing
    • First molding Flugel plate carbon lip
    • Spoon carbon mirrors
    • Novak Racing carbon roof

      Suspension & Wheel

      • JRZ RS Pro coilovers w/external reservoirs
      • Full PCI suspension catalog
      • G-Development titanium fasteners
      • Volk TE37SL wheels; 15"x8” +32
      • Yokohama A052 tires; 205/50/15
      • Endless BBK, rotors, lines, and pads

      Interior & Safety

      • Cusco roll cage
      • Cusco 6-point race harnesses
      • Bride Zeta III Japan bucket seats
      • KEY!S racing steering wheel
      • ASM steering boss
      • AIM MXS dash 
      • Mugen pedal set
      • K-Tuned billet race shifter & cables