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Attack Motorsport Builds

Art of Attack Time Attack 2020 A90 Supra - "Attack A90"

2020 Toyota "A90" Supra. We have ambitious goals with this car. We currently hold several track records in California and we are planning to take more records across the country later this year. The project is in development phase right now with a slew of upgrades coming. We just partnered with JRZ and added their first set of RS PRO2 Coilovers. We've also partnered with INGS Japan and are currently fitting and painting their aero package. Next we will be adding power and other goodies that we'll post about when we get there.
To keep up on the most recent updates follow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebookfacebook.com/artofattackraceparts and follow our builds hashtag #AttackA90.

Art of Attack X Type R Jose Time Attack FK8 Civic Type R - "Attack FK8"

2018 Honda "FK8" Civic Type R. This is a collaboration between Art of Attack and Jose Mejia, better known as Type R Jose. We're mid-build right now, using a host of high quality parts provided by Japanese and American companies. Spoon Sports front bumper, Varis Japan hood, Koyorad radiator, Hondata fuel and engine management, Titan 7 wheels, turbo upgrades, just a taste of what's coming. Once we complete initial assembly of the project (late 2020) testing will begin. We intend for this to be the fastest Time Attack Civic Type R in the country by mid 2021. 
To keep up on the most recent updates follow Jose on Instagram at @type_r_jose, follow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebook facebook.com/artofattackraceparts and follow the builds hashtag #AttackFK8.

Art of Attack Time Attack '93 Civic - Hibernating, might make a come back at the next Global Time Attack event...

1993 Civic cx (EG). Owned by Angel "Nemo" Torres, one of Art of Attack's owners. Our civic started it's k-series life as a street/show car. After a year of collecting awards it was time to prove its worth on track. We compete in numerous time attack competition series including Global Time Attack, NDF Attack Challenge and Vtec Club. Hytech Exhaust built K20 motor, MercRacing TVS 1900 air-to-air cooled Supercharger, Eibach R2 coilovers, Spoon Sports brakes, K-Tuned and Hybrid Racing engine and shifting accessories, Purol lubricants, and tuned by none other than Bisi of Bisimoto. Littered with high quality American and Japanese parts. Full TIG half cage by Art at Nitradyne. Custom RSX dash swap wrapped in authentic Bride material. This civic has been featured in SuperStreet Magazine, Speed Hunters, DrivingLine Magazine and others.
To keep up on the most recent updates follow Angel on Instagram at @thatog_nemo and follow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebook facebook.com/artofattackraceparts.

Art of Attack K20C1 (FK8 CTR) swapped 1997 Integra DC2 - Street/Track Duty

1997 Acura Integra. This project holds a special place in our hearts. Several years ago it was owned by our friend Brandon who passed away. We ended up with the car and it sat for years until last year we finally decided what we would do with it, build a gnarly K20C1 swapped build that Brandon would have loved! Once we jumped into the build it just got crazier and crazier. As of now we're upgrading the turbo kit to a Rampage fab kit, rebuilding the trans adding an OS diff, Motec electronics, Rywire will be building a custom harness... it's going to be a wild build!
To keep up on the most recent updatesfollow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebook facebook.com/artofattackraceparts and follow the builds hashtag #K20C1DC2.

Art of Attack NC1 NSX - Pat's NSX

2017 Acura NSX. Owned by Pat, one of Art of Attack's owners. The performance you get out the NC1 NSX is mind-boggling, add some wider Advan GT Premium wheels with sticky tires, Endless Japan brake upgrades, a little added power and you've got a recipe for an absolute track monster. This project is currently in testing and development stages, receiving upgrades and fine tuning every time it goes back out to track. Expect much more from this program in late 2020/early 2021.
To keep up on the most recent updates follow Pat on Instagram at @patherock and follow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebookfacebook.com/artofattackraceparts.

Art of Attack NA1 NSX - Angel's NSX

1993 Acura NSX. Owned by Angel, one of Art of Attack's owners. The NA1 NSX was advanced for it's time with it's super rigid all aluminum frame/body, mid-engine RWD. But now, almost 20 years later, it needs a little love to keep up with modern chassis's. Angel started by adding full bolt ons (including a sweet, ultra rare, Sorcery Japan exhaust) and a tune at Bisimoto. Lowered on KWv3 2-way adjustable coilovers and sitting on a staggered set of Volk TE37 (rear) and Volk ZE40 wheels. To modernize it's appearance Angel added an Advance Japan hood, I's Impact carbon front lip, discontinued Back Yard Special Japan wing, custom mounted MRacing side mirrors and other small exterior upgrades. The interior has been completely refreshed and has been fitted with a Bride Zeta III Japan and matching alcantara passengers seat, chromoly harness bar, Willans harnesses, ARC titanium shift knob custom ASR hub adapter and Keys Racing steering wheel. Angel's NSX doubles as a street cruiser and weekend track duty build.
To keep up on the most recent updates follow Angel on Instagram at @thatog_nemo and follow us on Instagram at @artofattack and Facebookfacebook.com/artofattackraceparts.


Retired Projects

Art of Attack (Nemo's Garage) Time Attack FA5 - 2018 Project, RETIRED

K20z3 built by Ken's Race Engines (@kensraceengines), Supertech internals, trans build by Ghostwerks (@ghostwerks), FD2 Type R front and rear conversion, FEEL'S Honda Twin Cam aero, Voltex wing, full TIG'd cage by LMR, wire harness by Richewerks (@richewerks), full interior/engine bay/exterior paint by Premier Autobody in Monterey Park, CA, Volk ZE40 wheels, custom FD1 to FA5 Project MU brake kit, misc work by Loi Spec Garage (@loispecgarage) and much more.

Art of Attack (Nemo's Garage) EM1 - 2016 Project, RETIRED

The idea with this car was to have the absolute most bare engine bay possible. And the rest of the car matches. We went as far as to convert it to a Drive-by-wire throttle body so the firewall is completely bare. One of the more noticeable exterior changes is the shaved gas door. The rear seats have been deleted and replaced with a custom smooth floor. Full interior is wrapped in alcantara and radio is replaced by an iPad. Black chrome is used extensively from the CE28's to the engine mounts and interior harness bar. J Blood bumper, K20a engine and trans, All In Fabrication manifold, Hytech header, custom LMR titanium exhaust and much more. Paint is Monte Carlo Blue, dont by Jorgie Built in Montclair, CA (@jorgiebuilt). More details can be found on stickydiljoe.com and in our drivingline.com feature.