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JRZ RS One Coilovers - Honda/Acura Applications

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

*Special order, Ships in 4-6 Weeks. 

All JRZ coilovers are made to order.

Finalized orders are non-refundable and there is nocancellation

Vehicle Applications: 92-95 Civic (EG) / 92-97 Delsol (EG), 96-00 Civic (EK), 00-09 S2000 (AP1/AP2)

Custom spring rates are an option. Please mention desired rates in the order notes or email us if you need a spring rate recommendation based on your vehicle's goals.

Note: EG application can fit EF civic/crx and DA integra vehicles but will require EG/DC front drop forks and have a slightly taller shock body than typical EF shocks.

JRZ Suspension Engineering is proud to introduce the JRZ RS One, a revolutionary development in multipurpose high performance damping. Applying our race winning technology, JRZ designed the JRZ RS One to give ultimate comfort for public roads and precise chassis control when driving on track. The JRZ RS One is a high gas pressure, single adjustable monotube damper. The canister has been designed inside of the damper. JRZ inner canister technology gives the advantages of monotube canister dampers without the mounting concerns and complexity. Easy to install, the JRZ RS One is available as a complete kit with mounting hardware and springs for all applications we support. 

Built on the same production line and sharing components with our pro racing applications, the JRZ RS One is of true professional heritage. Following JRZ’s design philosophy, the JRZ RS One has a large 22mm diameter piston rod in strut applications and a 16mm diameter piston rod in aluminum damper applications. The large piston rod magnifies the high pressure gas charge which means great chassis control without using a high spring rate or increasing harshness. 


  • 22mm Rod Strut; 16mm Rod Damper
  • 24 Clicks Rebound
  • Monotube Design
  • Adjustable Gas Pressure
  • High Performance Piston
  • Large Adjustment Range

Utilizing a mono tube design with a high flow piston ensures the smoothest possible ride in normal conditions while the bleed adjustment gives the ability to tune for racing situations. Unlike many other single adjustable suspensions, damping balance is carefully maintained between compression and rebound. This damping balance is critical to maintaining tire contact with the road in addition to controlling the main mass of the vehicle. To satisfy the diverse needs of each driver’s application, the JRZ RS1 has an extra large adjustment range. With a few clicks you can turn your smooth street car into a crisp, rock solid track car in seconds. 

JRZ has designed the JRZ RS1 to give the end user the best possible damper to drive daily, while maintaining the racetrack performance that wins championships. The JRZ RS1 is shipped as a bolt-on kit and always comes with the personal support JRZ is known for. Using the best materials, coatings and aerospace standard manufacturing processes as in our motorsport line; the JRZ RS1 is designed to perform flawlessly. Adjustment is easy to perform and comes with the knowledge base only JRZ provides to his customers.


  • Easy to use and bolt-in
  • Street ride, racing performance
  • Extra long product life
  • One adjustment for complete control of ride and handling
  • Professional racing quality

Recommended applications

  • Daily driving
  • Drivers education (DE) events and track days
  • Club racing


Can I adjust the pressure the gas pressure on the JRZ RS ONE?
Gas pressure for the JRZ RS ONE and JRZ RS TWO are preset by the factory. The JRZ RS ONE and JRZ RS TWO are twin tube dampers not allowing to change the gas pressure

What is the recommended setting?
Turning the knob clockwise against the stop in first detent is full soft. The damping becomes stiffer turning the knob anti clockwise.

Factory setting for street use is +5 clicks from full soft
Start out with +10 clicks from full soft for track.