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J's Racing S2000 Differential Collar

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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The J's Racing differential distance collar equalizes the amount of teeth in contact between the final gear and the pinion gear. This is beneficial because the high powered load that travels through the driveshaft tends to concentrate on the small area of the ring and pinion, resulting in maintenance becoming extremely important for the longevity of the final drive.  The stock distance collar, due to its structure and material, does not have the strength to withstand the abuse, and in the worst case, could lead to a differential failure. By using the J's Racing SPL differential distance collar, the proper backlash and teeth contact are to be maintained for a long time and you can avoid the unwanted differential breakdown. The product also extends the rebuild interval of the differential. It is highly recommended you change the collar to a J's Racing SPL collar when you change the final drive or LSD.

A set of J's Racing Differential Distance Collar Shims is also required to be able to utilize the collar. The shims can be purchased as a set of 15 to help the driver pick the setup that is most ideal for them and not have to hassle with buying them one at a time. If you need to purchase shims individually, please review the shim sizing below and contact us with what size you need.

Part number      Size
DDC-S1-S381  3.81mm
DDC-S1-S383  3.83mm
DDC-S1-S385  3.85mm
DDC-S1-S387  3.87mm
DDC-S1-S389  3.89mm
DDC-S1-S391  3.91mm
DDC-S1-S393  3.93mm
DDC-S1-S395  3.95mm
DDC-S1-S397  3.97mm
DDC-S1-S399  3.99mm
DDC-S1-S401  4.01mm
DDC-S1-S403  4.03mm
DDC-S1-S405  4.05mm
DDC-S1-S407  4.07mm
DDC-S1-S409  4.09mm