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Spoon Sports Baffled Oil Pan - Honda/Acura K-series Engine

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Engine Applications: K20A DC5/EP3/FD2/CL7 Type-R, K20A2, K20Z1, K20Z3/Z4, K24A/A1/A2/A4/A8 (w/Type-S oil pump upgrade) 

In fast cornering, it is possible for the engine so suffer low oil pressure due to oil starvation. This is caused by the lateral G forces pulling the oil away from the pickup. The addition of the specially designed Spoon Sports baffle plate to a genuine Honda oil pan makes it possible to prevent this occurrence. The Installation of a baffled oil pan is highly recommended when the vehicle is being used in a high G environment such as circuit racing / testing to prevent engine blow.

Note: Select the K20A/A2/Z1 baffled oil pan if you've upgraded to a Type-S oil pump on a K24 engine build. Select the K20A/K20Z3 baffled oil pan if you have upgraded to a JDM RRC oil pump (usually performed on the 06-11 Civic Si K20Z3 engine).

Note 2: These K-series pans are not compatible with any of the OEM balance shafted integrated oil pumps. You must update to a Type-S (PRB) oil pump or JDM FD2 (RRC) oil pump depending on your vehicle application.

Contact us if you have any specific questions or any doubts regarding the fitment of any of these pans to your K-series application.

Spoon baffled oil pan includes a HAMP oil filter.