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Spoon Sports Brake Caliper Rebuild Kit - Twin Block

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

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Spoon Sports is proud to offer the parts required to rebuild their incredibly popular Twin and Monoblock caliper setups. From pistons and seals to valves and hardware, a Spoon rebuild kit will ensure your Spoon calipers are performing at their optimal level. Listed below is a list of parts for each caliper. Please refer to the diagram photo for a more accurate view of what each part is.

Please note: Price for a full rebuild kit covers 2 calipers. Price for each individual components is only for parts to rebuild one caliper. You will need to purchase two of each listed components if you plan to rebuild both calipers at the same time -- it is highly suggested to buy a full rebuild kit which covers rebuilding a pair of calipers.

Twin Block Replacement Parts

  1. Caliper Collar. Part number: SPP-45020-T02. Similar to the bridge piece (#1) in the diagram, the collar piece sits a top the twin block caliper above the pad

  2. Caliper Collar Nut + Bolt Set. Part number: SPP-45020-T01. Similar to pad plate bolts (#2) in the diagram, the caliper collar nut + bolt goes through the collar piece and connects both sides of the caliper.

  3. Caliper Retainer Set. Part number: SPP-45020-T10. Similar to the retainer piece (#3) in the diagram, the retainer clip sits inside the caliper and holds the pad in place.

  4. Caliper Bleeder Cap Set. Part number: SPP-45020-T11. Similar to the bleeder cap (#4) in the diagram, the bleeder cap allows for brake fluid to be easily removed from the caliper.

  5. Caliper Seal Sets. Part number: SPP-45020-T04. Similar to the piston seals (#5) in the diagram, the caliper seal set provides a new set of seals to stop or prevent brake fluid leakage.

  6. Caliper Piston Sets. Part Number: SPP-45020-001. Similar to the piston set (#6) in the diagram, the caliper piston set provides a new set of pistons, the most important part of any caliper.