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Volk Racing TE37V Mark-II Wheels - 18" Bronze / Gunmetal

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

**Price is per each individual wheel**

By popular demand, Volk is proud to introduce the NEW TE37V MARK-II 18 inch 5-114 model. When there are no appropriate alternatives to the wheel size, a wide-body fitment are forced to use a thick spacer. The TE37V MARK-II models is a 18 inch 5-114.3 model which offers rim width from 9J through 12J and includes negative offsets. Taking into share is the wide-body fitments for R32 GT-R and other custom tuned vehicles. Sizing is offered in a wide range up to a 12 inch width and offsets up to -33. Unparalleled presence of this forged monoblock in 18 inch is unlike any other wheel. This large diameter and wide width size has the same pedigree of the TE37 which is widely used for circuit driving. With the pedigree of the TE37, strength and rigidity as well as lightness bring together the features from Volk Racing wheels. This is due to RAYS original Mold Form forged technology. The spoke also features logo machining of [FORGED] and [MADE IN JAPAN]. This high-end model offers functional spirited driving with the upmost of quality.

High performance, high rigidity and lightweight characteristics are incorporated. This TE37V MARK-II model is a classic design which includes the latest technology from RAYS.

The TE37V series maintains its popularity by offering a deep rim in a forged model. The TE37V MARK-II model offers 5 different types of depth [S/M/L/LL/LLL] and FACE-1/FACE-2. (M rim is FACE-2 only, FACE-1/FACE-2 will have different disk lines).
Rather than offering a single face for each offsets, there is a variation of face according to size creating the most possible deep design. Moreover, excess weight has been eliminated by evaluating each size.

The biggest change in the evolution of the MARK-II is the machining letters on the spokes. [FORGED] [MADE IN JAPAN] are engraved. This is symbolized onto the finished design while playing the important role of guarding copies/replicas.